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Freestyle USA

Freestyle USA Shark Classic Mid Silicone Watch
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Freestyle USA Shark Classic Mid Silicone Watch

Freestyle USA

69.95 $
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Condition: new

They say that smell arouses the strongest sense of nostalgia. Clearly, "they" haven't seen the Freestyle USA Shark Classic Mid Silicone Watch. This little piece of history hearkens back to the days of Hypercolor and Miami Vice, when Poison ruled the airwaves and MTV actually played music videos. Freestyle gave the Shark Classic Mid a bodaciously '80s color scheme to match all your Ocean Pacific and Body Glove gear, with a Mid size case that's perfect for smaller wrists. Living up to its name, the Shark is water resistant up to 330 feet, making it the ideal wrist watch of surfers. So if all this is making you a little misty, it's either because you sprayed too much Rave in your hair this morning, or you're remembering how totally rad to the max your first Shark Watch made you feel. Make it happen again.
Price: 69.95 $