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Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast SuperLoftTM Feather Bed - CKG (73
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Pacific Coast SuperLoftTM Feather Bed - CKG (73" x 85" x 2")

Pacific Coast

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UPC 025521508408
SKU 50840

Pacific Coast Feather Company
Condition: new

New! Patented SuperLoftTM design creates an irresistibly cozy and exceptionally fluffy feather bed. High-loft tufted corners and baffled walls allow the feathers inside each individual box plenty of space to fluff and loft. As you sink in, the SuperLoftTM feather bed contours to your body, cushioning pressure points like your shoulders and hips. This gentle feather bed "hug" helps relax your body for a more comfortable night's sleep. Filled with a special blend of small feathers and down. This perfect fluffy blend helps separate the feathers to allow their curly body to provide more support for you.
Price: 229.99 $