Top Range 2016

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Consew CN1150H/C Hot Cold Knife Strip Cutter Cutting Machine
1399.00 $
Consew CN2053 (Singer 20u53 73 109) 9mm Zigzag 6mm Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
499.00 $
Consew CP206R Straight Stitch Portable Walking Foot Flatbed Sewing Machine
399.00 $
Consew DCS-S3 Skiving up to 2" Wide, Machine, Power Stand
1299.00 $
Consew ES-85A Gravity Feed Steam Iron by Silver Star, 1000 Watts, 5Lbs
119.99 $
Consew F-117-1 Automatic Feed Bobbin Thread Winder F117, 40W 2600RPM, for M G L Bobbins, 100/Hopper, Consistent Tension, Auto Off, Cone Spools, 46Lbs
2999.00 $
Consew MA292R Fabric High Speed Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine, with Table, Stand, 3450 RPM Motor, 5400 Stitches Per Minute
999.99 $
Consew Model SB-400 Steam Boiler with Silverstar SE-2000 Iron
469.99 $
Silver Star ES-300 Gravity Feed Steam Iron 1000 Watt, Rest, 4.6 Pounds
119.99 $