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Gemsy (JiaSew) G0818 Walking Foot Needle Feed Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine, 9mmFootLift, 2.5SPI, 10mmSL, KD* Power Stand 3300SPM, 100 Needles*
769.00 $
Gemsy CS-26-1A Portable Handheld 10/Minute Filled Bag Closer, 4 Spools*
199.00 $
Gemsy G2100A-04 3 & 4 Thread Overlock Serger, Power Stand*
699.00 $
Gemsy G2100A-05 Thread Safety Stitch 3-Thread Overlock Serger
749.00 $
Gemsy G3900G-05 Thread Safety Stitch 3 Thread Overlock Serger Machine
799.00 $
Gemsy Gem G0718 Jiasew HOSEKI HK628 Walking Foot Sewing Machine, 1/2"-13mm Lift, 8mm Stitch Length, M Bobbin, AutoOil, Unassembled Stand, 110V or 220V
599.00 $
Gemsy GEM600B-01 Cylinder Bed 2&3 Needle, 1/8&1/4" Top & Bottom Cover Hem Stitch Interlock Machine, 7mmLift, DiffFeed, KD*PowerStand 6000SPM 110V/220V
1299.00 $
Gemsy Jiasew 757F High Speed 2 Needle 5 Thread Safety Stitch Industrial Serger Overlock Machine, up to 7500SPM, 5mm Foot Lift, Unassembled Power Stand
699.00 $
Gemsy Jiasew CS2000-7 All Metal Portable Blind Hem Stitch Hemmer Sewing Machine, Cylinder Arm, Swing Plate, Curved Needle, 2:1 Skip Stitch, Knee Lever
229.00 $
Gemsy Jiasew CS8700 High Speed Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine (Juki DDL8700) 11" Arm, 5.5/13mmLift KD*Power Stand 5500RPM, 100Needles*
499.00 $
Gemsy Jiasew G38 CS-38 15x15" Platen, Heat Transfer Press Machine 110V
369.00 $
Jiasew by Gemsy GEM808 All Metal, Large Hand Wheel, Button Sew On Attaching Industrial Machine - Head Only, No Table, Stand and 380 Watt, 300RPM Motor
199.00 $
Jiasew Gemsy CS 737F High Speed 3 Thread Industrial Serger Overlock Machine 4mm Stitch Width, 5mm Foot Lift, Unassembled Power Stand 7500SPM, 110/220V
599.00 $
Jiasew Gemsy G2000-8 Full Size Industrial Blindstitch Machine, Knee Lift, Swing Plate, Cylinder Arm, Skip Stitch, KD Power Stand* 3000SPM, 110V & 220V
899.00 $
New Star GN1-6D 3Thread Portable Ind Overlock Serger 2400RPM 180W Motor
199.99 $