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Hoover Ground Command
Hoover CH08301 Ground Command S.S. Wand and Tool Kit for 6 Gallon Injector Extractors, 9" Vacuum Head, 25' Flexible Vacuum & Solution Hoses, Spray Jet
249.00 $
Hoover CH08302 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Injector Extractor Stainless STEEL WAND, Tool Kit, Dual Spray Jets, 12"W Vacuum Head, 25'HOSE, H130877
349.00 $
Hoover CH81000 Ground Command Commercial Floor Machine, 17" Driver, 16" Cleaning Brush & Pad, 4 Gallon Solution Tank, 50' Cord, 1.5HP Motor, 175RPM
699.00 $
Hoover CH81005 Ground Command Commercial Floor Machine 17"W, 175 RPM, Triple Planetary High Torque Transmission, Metal Heavy Duty, 1.5HP 50'Cord 104Lb
899.00 $
Hoover CH81010 Ground Command Super Heavy Duty Commercial Floor Machine, All Metal, 21" Diameter Cleaning, 175 RPM, 1.5 HP Motor, 50' 3/18 Power Cord
899.00 $
Hoover CH81015 Ground Command Commercial Floor Machine, MultiTask, 1.5HP 175RPM, 4 Gal Solution Tank, 13" 17" 21" Aprons + Pad Drivers, 50'Cord, 100Lb
1399.00 $
Hoover CH81055 Ground Command Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine, 21" Ultra High Speed Buffer Burnisher Polisher 1500RPM 15A 1.5HP MetalChassis 50'Cord
1099.00 $
Hoover CH81060 Ground Command Commercial Floor Machine, 21" Ultra High Speed Burnisher Polisher Buffer, 2000RPM, 1.5 HP Motor, Metal Chassis, 50' Cord
1199.00 $
Hoover CH82000 Ground Command Commercial Air Mover, 1/2 HP Motor, 2200 CFM, 14" Wide Chassis Opening, 9.5" Wide Steel Fan Blade and Frame, 20' Cord
199.00 $
Hoover CH82005 Ground Command Commercial Air Blower Air Mover, 3/4 HP Motor, 2400 CFM, 9.5-14" Wide, 20' Cord, Steel Fan Blade & Frame, 3Way Air Flow
229.00 $
Hoover CH82010 Ground Command Commercial Air Mover Stackable
249.00 $
Hoover CH83000 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Cleaner Extract
499.00 $
Hoover CH83005 Ground Command Commercial Lightweight Carpet SPOT Injection Extractor, Heater, 3Gal. 55psiPump, 100CFM Recover, 1.25"x15'Hoses, 20'Cord
849.00 $
Hoover CH83010 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Solution Injector & Vacuum Extractor, 3Stage Motor, 117"WaterLift, 6Gal, 25'Cord, 100psi Suction Pump
1099.00 $
Hoover CH83015 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Injector Extractor Cleaner, 3StageMotor 117"WaterLift 6Gal Inline Heater 25'Cord, 100PsiPump, 110/230V
1569.00 $
Hoover CH83020 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Cleaning Injector Extractor Machine, 2-Stage Motor, 25' Cord, 140" Water Lift, 12 Gallon Pump, 100 PSI
1199.00 $
Hoover CH83025 Ground Command Commercial Carpet Cleaner, Injector, Extractor, 2-Stage Motor, 140" Water Lift, 12 Gallons, 100PSI Solution Pump, Heater
1699.00 $
Hoover CH84000 Ground Command Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 20 Gallon, Wheels, Dual 1.33HP Motors 1000W 225CFM 78"Lift 50'Cord 10'Hose ClothFilter
429.00 $
Hoover CH84005 Ground Command Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 20 Gal
449.00 $
Hoover CH85000 Ground Command Commercial BackPack Vacuum, 10Qt, 12Lbs
369.99 $
Hoover CH85005 Ground Command Commercial Lightweight BackPack Vacuum Cleaner
399.00 $
Hoover CH86000 Ground Command 30"Wide Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 224CFM
1999.00 $